Dwarf Cars are 5/8 scale models of vintage cars from 1928 to 1948.

They have full steel roll cages, sheet metal bodies, and are powered by 4 cylinder motorcycle engines.

They have full racing suspension and are capable of speeds over 100mph on the straightaway.

With their size and quickness, they are perfectly suited to short, oval track racing (1/4 - 3/8 mile tracks).

Dwarf cars started out as a hobby about 30 years ago in Phoenix AZ, with cars being built in garages out of scrap and spare parts.

The original idea was to provide economical racing to people who were just starting out or who could no longer afford to keep up with the escalating costs of full size classes.

The hobby grew quickly in the southwestern United States where there are lots of small dirt tracks.

 Until recently, however, the expansion of the Dwarf car class was limited to mostly warm weather parts of the country.

Now, Dwarf cars are rapidly becoming the hottest class in auto racing today.

The reasons are simple:

Dwarf cars have a look that appeals to a wide variety of fans.

Their "antique" look brings back the glory days of the 40's and 50's when open wheel hot rods were the stars of the show on Saturday Nights.

For the younger fans, their size and shape makes them interesting to watch and cheer for.

Dwarf cars use motorcycle engines as power plants, brining interest from outside the normal "auto" racing crowd.

The sound of a 4 cylinder engine at speed has quite an appeal.

Dwarf cars are "real" race cars, not go-karts. With advances in suspension, Dwarf cars are achieving speeds similar to the fastest full size cars.

Dwarf cars are economical to operate. The costs to race a competitive, full size car range from $250, for a limited late model to $1,000 in a sprint car PER RACE!!


And that's if nothing gets broken! Dwarf cars on the other hand, cost less than $35 per race, for gas-station fuel and an oil change.


The cost-per-racing lap is the lowest in motor sports today. In addition, a race ready Dwarf car costs less than half as much as the motor in a late model.


Ask any driver of a full sized car who has raced a Dwarf car, and they will tell you the thrill and excitement can't be matched.

Dwarf Cars